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Castaway’s Chef’s Choice Seasoning

Castaways Chef’s Choice Seasoning has been used at the restaurant for our Grilled Fish and Grilled Shrimp since we opened in the early 90’s. Thanks to the folks at Bolner’s Fiesta Seasonings in San Antonio we finally have it packaged and ready for sale.

The seasoning is a mild blend, don’t be afraid to go heavy with it. We’ve tried it on everything. It cooks off somewhat so don’t be afraid to re-apply at end of grilling time. As with anything, use it to your taste.

We use suspended butter (cream and butter) to baste our fish/shrimp/chicken prior to placing on the grill. Straight Butter or Olive Oil will also work well. Once on the grill the Chef sprinkles a healthy amount of Chef’s Choice seasoning on top of the filet. Once the filet is flipped over he’ll re-baste with the suspended butter and then sprinkle a healthy amount of Chef’s Choice Seasoning on.

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